Humble Beginnings

The small city of Scardale Town is your home. The nobles would have you believe the lifeblood of the city is the commerce with other nations, but you street urchins know the truth. It’s the people, the dirty-elbowed citizens of Scardale that get things done. Lazy guards and warm-hearted adults who’d looked the other way at your pilfering ways. Life was good. Your belly was always full, and the streets your oyster. All until one fateful night.

You awoke that night with dust and smoke burning your nose and lungs; something was wrong. With a swift kick directed at your bunkmate, you rushed out and took to the rooftops. The first rule of street life: stay out of sight at any cost. Screams and whimpering echoed oddly through the smoke and roaring fires as you careened over the ridge of a steep roof. A black arrow slammed into the tiling in front of you, a piece of red cloth attached to the shaft. The cloth bore the symbol of your guild along with one word, Galerider.

Less than a decade ago a motley group of street urchins narrowly escaped a burning Scardale Town on a corsair heading for the Moonshae Isles, all expenses paid. Once on the isles, they were unceremoniously deposited in an orphanage of dubious repute. With the confusion of new surroundings and a back-breaking work and training schedule, the children seldom afford reflection upon the events that lead to their harrowing exodus from Scardale.

Now it’s autumn in the Year of Wild Magic during the Era of Upheaval, mere months after an eventful Shieldmeet. The elves know the day as Cinnaelos’Cor, or “the Day of Corellon’s Peace.” The priests of Kelemvor told the Deeds of the Dead to preserve their memory. The Circle of the Stag performed the ceremony of picking Mielikki’s Green Regent, a young orc, much to the dismay of the nobles of Loudwater.

The treaty of Garumn’s Gorge is signed into effect, officially recognizing the Kingdom of Many-Arrows, the first ever Orc kingdom, ruled by king Obould Many-Arrows.

Vangerdahast Aeiulvana retires from the position of Royal Court Wizard for the Cormyrian court and Elminster Aumar clashes with the Shadovar, opening a rift to Avernus in the process. The hopes of many are dashed as Luskan resumes its piracy in full after five years of dwindling attacks on merchant vessels off of the coast of Neverwinter.

The Three Brothers takes place in the Forgotten Realms setting during 1372 DR, the Year of Wild Magic.