Fingal McIvarr

Fighter, Guard for hire


Somewhat of a quiet natured person, only talks when it might benefit a discussion or has a quip to add. While he is usually armed, he’d rather not use them until the situation really calls for action. He can be cool headed, but may lose his temper if aggravated or the wrong buttons are pushed. He likes to go to taverns after guard shifts, and take long walks on the beach pondering the meaning of life.

He hates any kind of brutish oppression and unnecessary damage of person or property. While not always able to avoid it, he would rather not get into scuffles while on the job. However, his sword is one of his prized possessions and is highly protective of it. He will clean it every night, and make sure it is in top shape.

stats: HP-60. AC-22. STR-14(2). DEX-14(2). CON-13(1). INT-11(0). WIS-11(0). CHA-12(1)

Praises Tempus.

bastard sword 1. 8 attack bonus, 1d102 damage. Critical x2. 19-20
Scale mail or full plate armor with heavy steel shield.

Feats: Furious Charge, quick draw, power attack, cleave. Exotic weapon (bastard sword)

Warblade stuff:

Lvl 1 Manuevers- Steel Wind: Can hit two opponents next to each other, roll for each though. Steely strike – trade 4 AC for 4 attack. The -4 AC only applies to foes that you are not attacking.

Stances- Punishing stance: – 2AC for +1d6


Born 1357.

I grew up with the rest of the kids from Scardale and later Moonshae Isles. All of us received schooling at the orphanage and some training. I stuck with the kids in the orphanage for the most part until the Benefactor set us out to find our own path, something about find apprenticeship to grow into a worthy adult. So, basically we were to start our careers pretty soon. I didn’t mind at the time, I was getting bored at the orphanage. I wanted to be out and about, like all the adventurers and heroes I read about.

Resisting the urge to go back to the life of a street urchin I headed down to Caer Callidyrr’s main square hoping to find something for myself. I didn’t know where to go but something would turn up. I saw some of the other orphans land some jobs as tailors or some sort of artisan. My hands weren’t meant for delicate work like that. I thought that maybe the castle district or maybe the ports would have something for me. Unfortunately for me I didn’t know my way around Caer Callidyrr very well and got lost, ended up in some back district of town. I was 13, and I was scared. I grew up in the streets but we were usually a group and moved together. We also stayed away from areas like these. I wanted to get out of there so I looked for the castle on the hill and walked towards there, hoping to find a way out.

I recognized the area as somewhere near the castle wall but wasn’t sure at the time exactly where. I kept walking when I heard some voices behind me. Some other street urchins were staring me down, about 5 of them. They looked older and quite a bit taller than me. My walk picked up a pace. I knew they were going to follow. So I ran. I heard them run after me.

Some how I tripped and fell, allowing them to catch up. I don’t remember what they said, but they were taunting me, probably asking if I had lost my mommy or needed directions. One shoved me back against the wall. I tried to get out, but they entrapped me and kept shoving me back. The one missing a tooth pushed me hard and I fell. I got tired of them and knew I wouldn’t escape without some sort of fight. So I leaped up from the ground and tackled Mr. Toothless. I got in a few punches before another pulled me off and kicked me. I returned a kick to his knee. I tried to use this opportunity to make a run for it, but one grabbed me by the legs. I attempted to shrug him off but he held on. One of them in a smelly red shirt belly flopped on me, hoping to pin me down. He wouldn’t let me go, so I headbutted him. I heard a crack and smell of iron as my forehead broke his nose. Redshirt writhed off of me. The other three were about ready to pounce me when a shout was heard.

“Ye bloody gits!!” The shaft of a spear one of the kids in the chest. A guard appeared.The one that had grabbed my legs didn’t care and started punching me in the head. He only got in about four punches before the guard picked him up and shoved him away.

That’s how I met Fergus McIvarr and became an apprentice of his. As a royal guard, he taught me his craft and as a soldier he taught me his ways. I studied under him for a few years until I was about 14, almost 15. I learned how to use just about every weapon possible, save the ones that weren’t common to us. I was never a soldier per se, but there was many times I shared barracks and sometimes stood in front of a castle gate for a rotation during my tenure.

As much as the position of gate guard honored me, I felt isolated and didn’t want to be stuck in this position for the rest of my life. The thoughts of adventurers and heroes filled my young head. I took a job as a port guard and sometimes as a marine for hire. I made a lot of connections there that I still hold to this day. Every once in a while I’d see Quintus and even less often I’d see Jon. Sometimes I’d see others from the orphanage. As a guard I met a lot of people from all over Moonshae and some even from west Faerun. As a marine I traveled on ship to other ports on the Moonshae Isles. As much as I love my home, I direly wanted to get out and explore the world.

On Shieldmeet 1372 I met up with Quintus and Jon. A small task turned out to be something much larger, and there my adventures began.

Fingal McIvarr

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