aka Kettlehead, aka Q, chef extraordinaire, unaligned cleric.


At first glance, Quintus is your typical angsty teenager, quick to anger, thinks in absolutes, impulsive and easily tongue-tied. But this is only a sliver of the tale. Following the trauma of Scardale, Quintus found solace through his cooking and the spiritual, the only two things that can distract him from over-thinking. Up to this point, Quintus avoided conflict mostly out of not caring, but now it’s different. Any time he is around the other survivors, the memories flood back of the smoke and fire, his fury bubbles to the surface and he finds himself jumping into the fray to protect his friends. And what’s more, he likes the chaos of battle.

Spirituality to Quintus is all about the individual’s relationship with the deities. He has no time for pageantry, churches, and dogmas, so as such he has not aligned himself with a particular deity. He holds freedom and truth as paramount, and those that subvert either as lesser for it. If pressed for advice, he counsels following one’s own intuition and reason, “Don’t leave the choices to another, you are the master of your own life.”


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