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To help you get started with this campaign, here are a few resources that we consider useful, and sometimes critical. We’ve tried our best to maintain good quality control here, but if you notice something wrong, please let us know so that we can fix it.

Character Guidelines

Characters are to be rolled with 4d6, removing the lowest die. Roll six times, then assign each one of these numbers to an ability.

All characters may start with a set of “personal basics,” which contain the necessary day-to-day items that a traveling adventurer may need. Bedroll, backpack, fire starting materials, and any generic items that they may use in their profession. The cost is 20gp.

House Rules

Please see the complete list of House Rules.

Calendar and Timelines

Three Brothers use the Calendar of Harptos to indicate date and the Dale Reckoning to indicate year. The campaign starts at Shieldmeet, DR 1372.


Main Page

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