The Three Brothers

To the Llewellyn Outfit, via Sancella Gwainillhyr: Uktar 11, 1374 DR

"...titles granted, lands purchased, havens guarded."

My dearest and most favorite evil witch,

I hope you are well, and the newest additions to your grove have been to your satisfaction. I will endeavor to continue to discreetly steer those whom you will find promising your way (after proper vetting, of course—-I’m not of a mind to put you at any risk). May the Mother continue to guide you, and the Beast Lord grant you prowess on your hunts.

Thank you, additionally, for not offering the blood of my companions to satiate your patrons’ primal hunger despite their trespass into lands you and yours have claimed.

I hope our long friendship and correspondence will entitle me to request a small favor of you. As I have been unavoidably detained in recent weeks, and my cohorts have seen fit to continue their adventures in my absence (and without my counsel—-I fear for their well-being), I have lost track of their physical location. My last reliable intelligence places them somewhere on the eastern side of Gwynneth, and Quintus without his treasured spice collection. If it is within your capability and whim, please entice those beasts under your rule to deliver the enclosed note to them. I have included locks of both Quintus’ and Fingal’s hair to aid your furry and feathered allies in their tracking.

I will be in Llewellyn forthwith, and have something for you. I would be pleased to deliver it in person and wish you a fair Moonfeast. I will seek you in the usual places. If I fail, I will leave it with our friend at the Dolphin.

Good Hunting,



Decode using 1371/Leafcutter.

HPR comm insecure, remember Saleca square. apologies for missing weeks, called to perm resolve tomb IRIA, est KNGFS ofc. residence and title established as lord jon taneloren, bona fides via BG, where probationary period ended and permits paid. profits obv up. returning to LWYN. if this finds you, i follow shortly. else, will remain at L.

(outer letter plaintext. enclosure block quote decoded 1462 DR by Astor Taneloren from personal records. posterity remains lodged with the Journals of Randal Haldane in Candlekeep.)

Translator’s note: This is the first missive sent after the establishment and recognition of the Taneloren lordship in Baldur’s Gate and Iriaebor, following the growth of the Kingfisher Co. It can be assumed this lordship was granted by favors and bribes, as Jon Taneloren neĆ© Randal Haldane had not a single drop of blue blood in his body, a fact our family has always enjoyed. — Astor Talenloren, 1462


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