Sancella Gwainillhyr

Half-elf druid of Winter, associate of the Llewellyn outfit


Sancella Gwainillhyr appears as a tough, tanned half-elf always seeming a little worse for wear. She is terse and gruff when speaking, especially to those whom she views as ‘outsiders’, whether literal or metaphorical. She’s a little on the short side, with dirty red-blonde hair, emerald eyes, and a strong frame.

Stat Block

Half-elf Druid 7; CR 11; Medium humanoid; HD 7d8+14 (hp 49); AC 18 (barkskin, hide armor); init+1; spd 30’; melee+7 (elder blade, dmg 1d8+2). F7/R4/W9. 50 skills, 3 feats. Spells: 1/2/4/5/5/6.


She typically has the following spells prepared: _0-detect magic, detect poison, guidance, light, purify food and drink, cure minor wound; 1-entangle, magic fang (2), obscuring mist, speak with animals (2); 2-barkskin, resist energy, animal messenger, spider climb, warp wood; 3-poison, protection from energy, daylight, cure moderate wounds; 4-flame strike, dispel magic ;5-stoneskin or animal growth

She may also convert any of these spells to summon nature’s ally at the appropriate level.

Cella’s elder blade

Cella’s weapon is a scimitar—-a long, curved blade. It is stylized to look like half of an elongated elder leaf, complete with a notch halfway up the blade. Three times per day, she may use the blade to cast tree stride. It has a +2 weapon enchantment.

Animal Companion

Cella’s animal companion is a flock of birds, mostly crows. There is a spokes-bird (Mocker), a black mockingbird with an ankle ring granting Cella the ability to speak with it as per speak with animals. When attacking, the flock attacks as a swarm: 7HD, 34 hp, +5 atk 2d6 damage, AC 14. Saves: f5/r7/w3. Cella may cast animal growth and magic fang on the swarm; several of the birds swell in size. After: 9HD, 52hp, +8 atk, 3d6 damage, AC 14. The flock disperses after taking half of its current HP in damage.

Hoots is Cella’s friend, a barn owl she _awaken_ed. Hoots maintains a nest in Cella’s grove and also the cottage outside Llewellyn where she lives.


Sancella Gwainillhyr

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