The Three Brothers

From Black to Green

Fingal's Journal

Oktar 9

It has been a long time since I have been able to write any thoughts down. After defeating Despayr I wanted to relax. The tail end of that journey was hectic and quite frightening, almost lost a comrade in battle. Travelling through the shadow realm for days was an experience that I would never like to repeat. Despayr wanted to tear the weave for his own gain or something like that.

After slaying the dragon and properly skinning it we set our way back to Wheloon with a new Halfling friend in tow. It was about Eleint 28 or so when we made it back. We lost track of time in the Shadow plane. We spent a few days re-cooperating when a Sargent from the Purple Dragon Knights relayed a message that we were summoned to the Wyvern watch Inn in Suzail, possibly to meet the War Wizard Presmer Stamaraster. I was excited and nervous at the same time; I did not even know what to wear. He told us that they and a company of Purple Dragon Knights would clear the rest of the plane and fix the tear. He thanked us for our work. He told us we were then to meet Alusair in Suzail.

She is a remarkable warrior from the stories I have heard, one that strikes fear into orcs. Alusair personally thanked us for the work we had just done and to show her gratitude she’d take care of anything we needed and said she would officially charter us. I believe this took us all by surprise as I do not think any of us of the original group had thought it would come this far. We had been just a travelling band of adventurers that Harp for about two years. We had needed a name. Being from the Moonshaes, I thought of the name Gall-oglaigh or gallowglass in common as it means Foreign Warriors in Fflolk.

By Marpenoth 3 we headed to deal with a Green Dragon supposedly in the High Forest. This was for Quintus who had received this vision by Tymora. It took roughly a month to get there by boat and caravan, we stopped through Waterdeep for a day and then set to Loudwater. It did not take long for the dragon to appear and oddly enough did not seem as hostile as I would have thought. Instead he wanted to make a deal for the mace that Quintus needed to get from him. We would have to deal with some nearby druids. They needed to be removed according to him, I was not really sure why. Found one group not too long after and dealt with them, two yielded after two were slain. Now we just need to see if more need to be dealt with or not, and return to the dragon.


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