The Three Brothers

The Lost Refuge

Fingal's Journal entry

Eleint 22

The next few days were hectic and dangerous. We arrived at the Lost Refuge and managed to get in. I have to give it to Jon. He is crafty. He managed to take out the entire crew of dark critters in that building at the end. We later learned that he took out the daughter of the dragon Despayr. Oops! After that the alarm was raised and guards poured out of the buildings!

There had to have been at least 15 enemies. Kettlehead took care of 5 or so with his Greater Turn, or something like that. Good move. What I didn’t see was the Will o Wisp that shocked the heck out of me. My sword couldn’t do damage, it took a particular strike I guess. Tanner pulled something from his sleeve and tangled the guards. About 7 or so. We took out our bows and began whittling them down. First with the weaker kobolds. But this one particular asshat annoyed me, I think he was the leader. I aimed a few shots his way and only a couple met. A lot of things just in the way. After a couple fell, Tanner released the spell and we went in. Jon managed to inspire two of their compatriots to our side. They helped a lot.

After taking some damage and getting in a few hits with my sword I felt Tempus guide my strikes, I annihilated one shadow creature and dealt heavy damage to the Will o Wisp. After a brief moment of relief the door opened to a cleric in full plate. Jon used a spell to make an illusion of a wall, I went in. I struck her, but she returned with a severely burning touch. Ouch. She soon fell. The rest of the party follow soon after.

I saw four other figures approach. They looked to be dominated. One was in armor, so I took him out – with non lethal force. He was outcold. We some how managed to persuade the other 3 to our side. After a long day, we decided to sleep in the guard house.

Next day was rainy and dreary, my perfect kind of day. Inside the other building, we found the gate to the shadowrealm. Jon said something about…shadoweave, Mystra…magic…I dunno.

We went up the keep. Encountered some enemies on the way, which scared Jon – he ran like something possessed him. After they fell, we continued up the stairs. I was first, just in case. And in a way, I’m glad, because as soon as I came up the first stair a large Khumat grappled me. It was a lot stronger than me, so I couldn’t get out. His bite was fierce, I never felt such pain. Poe and Murphy started swinging blades at it, which made it ungrapple me. Whew. The next thing I was Poe fall, blood poured out of her body. She was dead before she hit the floor. We started to retreat. As I threw a vial of acid (which did nothing) I saw the prisoners chained to the walls. ‘Oh great.’ We managed to get to the floor down.

Jon again saved the day with Suggesting the Khumat that maybe this wasn’t the best course of action, and released the prisoners, which included Ashala and the former chieftain. We left the damned place. The lizardfolk we met the couple days before met us, and took their kin with them. We wished them luck.

After this we decided to head back to Wheloon to recuperate and gather reinforcements. A dragon was out of our paygrade for just the four of us. We’d need help. It was an easy two day travel. Kethra greeted us at the Silvery Sembian Snail, what a wierd name, and took us to the VIP area to introduce us to our hired guns. Aklar the hexblade, Dorn a halbardier, and a Ranger…whose name escapes me.

Ha, Q “gave cooking lessons” that night with Kethra. Way to go, Kettlehead.


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