Kingfisher Shipping Company

A shipping concern with ports of call in Llewellyn, Baldur’s Gate, and along the Chionthar River.


In Marponeth, 1373 DR, the Kingfisher Shipping Company was formed in Baldur’s Gate, with its main Port of Call in Llewellyn. It had previously been operating unofficially, however a backing company was needed when Jon Wood purchased a seat on the Baldur’s Gate Merchant League’s council with the backing of the Lucklain Mercantile Bank.


At present, KSC has offices in Llewellyn and Baldur’s Gate. The BG office is small, but well-placed near the docks. Day to day business has been left in the hands of a talented Factor, [[ :alycen-southart | Alycen Southart ]], who works with a bodyguard and secretary.

Its initial incorporation was as a transport and shipping company. Since then, it has mapped a steady route from Llewellyn in the Moonshae Isles to Iriaebor in the Western Heartlands along the Chionthar River. It primarily transports the cargo of its clients and finds distribution channels along the way, at a 15% commission.

Through its leadership (Jon, Fingal, and Quintus), KSC has sometimes been called upon to undertake risky or clandestine cargo. It will do so, however the price can be high.


Two different spy organizations work out of that office, each unknown to the other. The Factor, Alycen keeps information flowing to the Harpers. Most of this is benign—trade information, rumors, and information gathered from the Quality.

The bodyguard, Gawain has allegiance to the Outfit in the Moonshae Isles, and provides a point of contact for that organization in Baldur’s Gate, without actively engaging the criminal community. He is most often called upon to serve as a neutral third party, and in this fashion has been continually extending his network of contacts. He actively listens for information on the Zhentarim among others, sending this back to [[ :jon-wood | Jon Wood ]] or other trusted members of the Outfit.

In addition, the Baldur’s Gate Merchant Marines maintain a close relationship with KSC. After an initial misstep, the Merchant Marines entered into a training partnership with KSC that has served both organizations well. Annual reviews and the training of recruits occurs in Uktar of each year.


Both Alycen and Gawain were vetted extensively by Jon and Quintus before their positions were filled, and operate with a high degree of autonomy and trust.

Kingfisher Shipping Company

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